Quality Living for a New Doctor

I had to find apartments in Henderson NV after I finished medical school and got picked to do my internship at a hospital in the city. I’m pretty stoked as that was one of the my first picks because I grew up there and wanted to return to give something back to the community. The problem, of course, is that I’m at the low end of the totem pole in my new profession. I haven’t even gotten to the point of doing my residency yet. I still needed a place to live, however, and I needed a place I could afford.

Even if I had the money, I wouldn’t spend it on something huge because I’m not going to be around all that much. I’ll be working thirty six hour shifts at the hospital and the only thing I’ll be doing at the apartment is sleeping. It’s going to be a long year. This is the part where they weed out the people who can’t hack it. I figure it will be easier to take it if I know I have a nice one bedroom apartment in a safe area to return to after a grueling shift.

So I did research online with the help of my father and found a very modern looking complex with a slew of amenities that I won’t likely get around to using because I’ll be too tired, and it’s definitely within my budget. It’s not far from where I have to work either and that is a huge bonus because I’m not sure I’ll feel like driving long distances after cat napping through a lengthy shift. I’m pretty excited to move in and get my career as a doctor moving forward. It’s going to be tough, but living in a nice place like this will lessen the load.


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