We Chose an Apartment over a House

My fiance and I had talked at length what to do about a home once we are married next month. We both knew that we could easily afford the down payment and mortgage payments for a house, but we also knew that we may not want to settle her in Maryland for the rest of our lives. We both have great jobs here, but we are also young and there are just so many possibilities out in the world for us. We finally decided to look at Towson luxury apartments, which is what we started doing about a week ago.

We were not sure how long it would take us to find a nice apartment, so we figured it would be better to start looking earlier and have one as opposed to looking a week or so prior to the wedding and not finding an apartment for us. We needn’t have worried though because as soon as we saw the website for the Rodgers Forge apartments, we knew that was where we wanted to be. We looked at the floor plans to determine if we needed a one or two bedroom unit, even though it will just be the two of us.

We figured if the living room was too small, then we could use a second bedroom for our desk and bookcases. However, that will not be necessary because the one bedroom units are pretty big. The living room is going to be large enough to hold everything we want in there, and it is not going to be crowded at all. It is also close to where we both work, which is very convenient for us. We put in our application, which was approved, and we are in the process of moving in now. We both won’t stay there until our wedding night though, but that is not too far off now!


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