My Mom Felt It Was Time That I Treat Myself to Something Nice

It is true that I had been overly tight with my money for a long time, but I truly believe that is because I struggled for so long financially. My mom is the one who pointed out that I really should do something nice for myself with the salary I was making and she felt that I should look for luxury apartments for rent in Colton CA because she wanted me to live some place that was safe and secure. I secretly think she was tired of coming to visit me in the cramped room that I had been renting on someone else’s property, too.

I had to go to work while I was going to college. My parents certainly could not afford to pay thousands of dollars each year for me to attend school. That said, they did the best they could to help me out with a lot of the basic necessities that I needed while I was going to school. Both mom and dad would drop by my place with a bag of groceries and other incidentals that I needed. I was unable to work full time since I was going to school full-time, and that meant that I could only work a job that was part time. Then, because of the economy in our area, I had a tough time finding a job that paid well for quite some time.

Two years after I graduated, I finally found my dream in a nearby town. However, despite the fact that I was making a really good higher salary, I was very few frugal for the next couple of years. My mother told me that I didn’t need to just go crazy and spend everything, but I should find a nice safe place to live. That’s how I found the luxury apartment that I now live in, and I will admit that I feel much safer each night when I come home from work living in a nice place.


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