I Have Started Class at CSU

I was pretty happy when I realized that my friend from the Navy was already in class here. He and I served together on my first ship and I know that he is the sort of guy that I could trust. He had a place, but we switched things up because of this deal that he had found. If you click here you can find the web page for the Summer Grove Apartments in Colorado Springs, CO. If you scroll down you will see that they have an offer where you get the first month’s rent for free. Obviously that was a big deal for the two of us and we were really eager to get there before they ran out of them. I have started to look for a part time job and I sort of think that I got lucky. I found this really nice restaurant and they seemed impressed by the fact that I understood the stuff that they sell on their menu. All of that was simply from watching the Food Network and trying to teach myself to cook.

At any rate I just happened to learn that you could make pretty good money at this place. Obviously when you are making tips, the logical thing is to make tips at a place that has lots of business and charges outrageous prices on the food that they sell. This place has both of those things, but there were a lot of people who really want to have the job. The manager seems to want to have like a try out, where you would go up there to perform like a circus monkey for him. It is not so hard for me to do that in fact, so I would be quite happy to show him that I can do the job.


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