Things Are Different in DC, but We Are Getting Used to It in Our Luxury Apartment

We knew nothing about the DC area before we moved there. We had always been planning on visiting places such as the White House and the Smithsonian, but we never got around to it. Moving there was a surprise that came with a surprise promotion in my company after saving them a fortune for an impending financial disaster that my analysis averted. I had saved them large amounts of money in the past, and now it added up to us looking at apartments in Washington DC to be close to my new office.

We picked Westbrooke Place. It is in the West End not far from Dupont Circle and close to Foggy Bottom and Georgetown. How can you not like an area that has a place called Foggy Bottom? I suppose a lot of people wonder what life is like in the DC area with it being the central place for our federal politics. Well, not every person or job is in politics. My company does not really tout a political stance. They are just out to make money. I am adept at understanding the details to catch errors that are sometimes even made at upper management and the CEO level. I have saved them from being burned so many times that I get paid good to keep it up.

Our new apartment is really nice. Where we used to live was great. It had a lot of amenities we enjoyed. This place is downright phenomenal. The pace is so fast in the DC area that our apartment complex serves a complimentary breakfast every weekday. We telecommute a lot, but we still take advantage of the food. We have a private terrace and front-loading washer/dryer in our apartment. Nothing is what you would call apartment sized. The stuff is all like you would find in a home you might decide to build. The closets are big and everything is spacious. We are even allowed to have pets. We have been thinking about adopting an adult dog from a local animal shelter.


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