The Three Bedroom Units Are Great

When I was browsing different apartments in Decatur GA in my online search to find my next home, I was only looking for a two bedroom unit. I have twin sons, but they were not going to be ready for their own room for some time to come. They are the best of buddies, and I knew that even if I had really nice bedrooms for them, they would still insist on having their bunk beds in the same room. I didn’t mind that actually, so I was looking for two bedroom apartments.

When I came across Green Park, I was instantly impressed. The pictures on the website tell a beautiful story, and I knew that we would all be happy living there. I was happy to see several floor plans for two bedroom units. I also saw one for a three bedroom unit, and I decided to look at it for some reason unknown to me. I am so glad that I did, because while the two bedroom units were really nice, this three bedroom was as if it was made for the three of us even without us realizing it at first.

The two bedrooms are on the top floor. We each have our own bathroom which is not a big deal right now, but it will be huge once the boys start getting older. I started to think too, when the boys get older, they may actually want to have their own rooms. If that is the case, then they can have the two rooms upstairs and I will take the one on the lower level. Until that time comes, we can use it as a guest room since we do have my parents visiting a few times a year. Also, it has a garage which none of the others do. That is why I now live in the three bedroom unit!


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